Making Your Own Rules When There Isn’t Any.(Week 11 12/2/16)

There may come a time in your life as a software tester, where you do not know what to test. The guided path that your leader should have instructed you to base of your testing skills off of are completely blank and un-given. What do you do? The answer is simple, you do not take this moment as a stress-full event in your life where you may think one wrong, un-sure move is going to ruin your entire career, but take it as a opportunity so a blank slate with no requirements can turn into a free-style session and let your bug breaking mind run free!

Are you not given what to specifically test for and a strict deadline to go as the cherry? While, you could ask your supervisor for a list of requirements since they have not created them or misplaced the information to give you by accident, but chances are they do not have any and want you to go wild!

But how do you go wild when it comes to testing? Well, when the key phrase “oh i do not know what i am testing for” comes around, as a tester a familiar key term should pop in your head and that is the key term Black Box Testing! You can go crazy finding errors and bugs in a project and by the time the project is done, you have flexed your creativity muscles but enriching the curious experience of being a tester. The best of Black Box Testing can be found here.




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